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Friday, March 26,  2021

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, during our meeting, I committed to checking on the requirement for masks as we reopen our Churches for the Triduum (April 01, 2021) and beyond.

On March 24, when Dr. Fitzgerald announced that the Province would move to Alert Level 2 on Sunday, March 28 at 12:01 am, she said this regarding masks:


"One thing we need to do differently in Level 2 is wearing our masks more. We should wear our masks any time we are in indoor public spaces or interacting with people outside our close, consistent contacts," Fitzgerald said."The more time we have our mask on while around others the better. I know that returning to Level 2 is welcome news, but we need to proceed with caution.”

I understand this to mean that everyone, Presider, Liturgical Ministers, and all attendees should wear their mask at all times during the celebrations. The exception to this is when the Presider is speaking, or the Readers are proclaiming the Word or Intercessions - in these cases microphones must not be shared - and the Communicant receives Holy Communion.


I hope this provides clarification.

✠ rad
Bishop Of Grand Falls

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